Schools' projects

I have now run projects in over twenty Primary schools across Cumbria with Reception - Year Three classes.  Some are Maths or English focused, and others are topic-focused, such as Dinosaurs, Food, Egypt, Travel, the Weather. Below is a selection of a few tracks from those projects. Each project last for a half-term, with weekly sessions lasting forty-five minutes or longer, and often feature a performance in school at the end of the sessions.

To book a project in your school, please email for more information. To download a programme of this half-term's school projects, click here.

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Evens and Odds (Reception / Year One - Maths)


Split Digraph (Year One - Phonics)


  The Swinging Alphabet



Old MacDonald Had a Farm


If You're Happy and You Know It




Miss Polly Had a Dolly


Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush


Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

My current featured video... Skiddaw Mist (2015)

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