Solace of the Night

by Alexander Clarke

Released 2018
Released 2018
An album of melodic and atmospheric piano music, inspired by different elements of the night
"Solace of the Night" takes you on a melodic journey through the dark. Musical phrases weave with recurring harmonic textures to lead you through the hours of the night. The stillness of "Three AM Main Street" contrasts with the breezy "Shadow Gusts". The ambient simplicity of "Dreamstate" sits alongside the harmonically shifting "Romanza".

This album is a journey away from my previous piano album "Tales of Cumbria". It is more of a reflection of time and emotion, rather than place - it is an album of the heart. Some of the pieces,written over different months, express the sense of changes in the night, Others reflect the mind's wanderings through the subconscious in sleep.

The overall impression of "Solace of the Night" is one of stillness and peace, but through the ups and downs of different emotional states. I'm hoping that the melodies will linger in your mind, and that the harmonies take you to a place of tranquility and solace.

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